Photo: Alma Haser.

Clark‘s latest album, Kiri Variations, will land on July 26 via his own Throttle Records

The 14-track album is the UK artist’s first since 2017’s Death Peak via Warp Records. It started life as the score to the BAFTA-nominated TV program “Kiri,” but only a small portion of the recorded music was used by director Euros Lyn. That first incarnation has since been morphed into a proper artist album. “In addition to my usual methods of controlled randomness and tangential ideas, the TV commission was a prominent spark for new approaches. It’s a great balancing contrast with the solipsistic studio album,” Clark explains.

It’s said to allow Clark’s simplicity and playfulness to shine through: “It’s a skeleton of an album, reduced to bare essentials, although it started out rather dense. The thing that takes time is making it succinct,” Clark explains. “Certain parts are also what you could call anti-muso—for example the recorder on ‘Kiri’s Glee’ is totally out of tune—but it sounds so colourful. I can’t resist the primary paint of acoustic instruments; it’s an antidote to frictionless digital music.” 

We’re told to expect and album of plaintive beauty, eerie horror, and childlike outsider music that epitomises Clark’s ability to flip-the-script and coherently organise an abundance of new ideas.

In advance of the album’s release, Clark has shared “Cannibal Homecoming,” his most song-based composition ever featuring not only augmented human voice but also a fully-fledged vocal, sung by him.


01. Forebode Pluck

02. Simple Homecoming Loop

03. Bench

04. Kiri’s Glee

05. Coffin Knocker

06. Forebode Knocker

07. Yarraville Bird Phone

08. Primary Pluck

09. Flask/Abyss

10. Tobi Thwarted

11. Cannibal Homecoming

12. Banished Hymnal

13. Banished Cannibal

14. Goodnight Kiri

Kiri Variations is scheduled for July 26 release, with pre-order here.