Always up for surprising his audiences with a few left turns, Chris Clark returns with a new album and a new, shortened version of his name. Clark (also “the artist former known as Chris Clark”) makes it clear on his latest album Body Riddle that settling into a single musical pigeonhole is not on his list of things to do. Clark jumps from one musical idea to the next, making an architecture of organized chaos that not just any artist could master with so much ease. Dreamy synths abruptly run into crashing drumbeats, krautrock meets psychedelic, and a whole lot of other things happen to proves Clark’s frantically eclectic nature as a producer Definitely one of his best long-players in years.

Body Riddle is out this fall on Warp Records.


1. Herr Bar
2. Frau Wav
3. Springtime Epigram
4. Herzog
5. Ted
6. Roulette Thrift Run
7. Vengeance Drools
8. Dew On The Month
9. Matthew Unburdened
10. Night Knuckles
11. The Autumnal Crash