Wildly creative, the Detroit native otherwise known as Barclay Crenshaw moved out West to start the dirtybird label with fellow producer Justin Martin not too many years ago. What followed was a string of releases that were played by the likes of Richie Hawtin and Damian Lazarus, putting the label on the map as a new avant-house imprint to watch out for.

Crenshaw’s new release, Beware of the Bird, will be considered another notch on the label’s fast-growing belt of successes. A mixture of sexy tech-funk and electro, there is a refreshing amount of variety on the album that bodes well for Crenshaw’s musical future.

Beware Of The Bird is out October 31, 2006 on dirtybird


1. Warming Up The Bass Machines

2. Deep Throat

3. Chimps

4. Beware Of The Bird

5. The Whistler

6. Who’s Afraid of Detroit?

7. Eastern Market

8. Cicada 17 Year Mix (Remix Of Justin Martin)

9. The 7 Deadly Strokes

10. Birdshit (Remix of Frankie “Bullshit”)

11. Southern Fried Mix (Remix of Justin Martin and Sammy D)

12. Lullabye (Live recording from Poorboy, Detroit 1999)