Clinic, the Liverpool four-piece band that makes quirky, creepy rock music, was scheduled to play at London’s acclaimed art school Central St. Martins next week. Their prestigious gig was to the be the first at the venue since the Sex Pistols performed there in 1977.

Apparently, the student population of St. Martins wasn’t impressed with that fact, and protested that the performance would be a disruption to their studies. The school complied and the gig–which was to be Clinic’s sole performance in London–has been cancelled until another venue can be found. According to a press release from Domino Recordings, the performance will be rescheduled “at a venue where hopefully, today’s gen-x and y’s can freely enjoy rock n’ roll with out waking up the kids.”

If you’re curious as to what kind of band causes art students to protest about noise, check out Clinic’s latest album Visitations, which is already in stores in the UK and out January 23, 2007 in the US, on Domino.

Clinic: Those surgical masks will clearly have art students cowering behind their easels.