OPUS 3000 is the project of Francesco Leali (Clockwork), Gloria Campaner (celebrated Italian pianist) and Alessandro Branca (cellist). Together, they will release their debut LP in November via INRI Classic.

Benevolence is described by the label as “an exercise in imperfection and introspection.” It was recorded throughout 2017 in Milan and was born out of the necessity to blend a passion for traditional music to an alternative production method. It “highlights rough-hewn textures and pairs delicate keys to dystopian environments,” the label adds.


01. Evolver
02. Benevolence I
03. Lowland Wanderer
04. Karowe AK6
05. Ende Neu
06. Benevolence II
07. Unfreeze
08. event.preventDefault

Benevolence LP is scheduled for November 24 release, with “Benevolence II” streaming in full below.