Back in February, Point Blank hosted a special event for International Women’s Day. The event featured a host of female and female-identified artists who presented the groundbreaking projects they’re working on. 

In the video below, which was recorded at the event, producer, curator, and artist Estela Oliva (a.k.a. CLON) and Ana Quiroga (a.k.a. NWRMNTC), a London-based musician and sound designer, discuss their innovative new AV collaboration, META, a performance project that merges audiovisual art and sound design to look at the impact of technology on human beings and the world around us. Going further, the pair discuss how they traveled to Iceland from London to collect 3D scans and field recordings of the natural elements and the old industrial buildings they found there, which helped them to create the enchanting landscapes and atmospheric sounds of the project.

You can watch the video in full via the player below, with more on Point Blank and its courses here.