After hinting at a fourth installment of the Drexciya reissue series Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller, long-running Dutch label Clone has officially revealed the full details of the final compilation. Starting back in 2011, Clone excavated the discography of the legendary Drexciya group to form a series of compilations of their canonical work (of course, XLR8R has been making sure to keep tabs on each of the installments). The reissues have followed the iconic Detroit outfit’s progression from the Atlantis-inspired mythology of the earlier work to the more scientifically focused themes of the latter years, when founding member Gerald Donald operated under the name as a solo act. The 16-track Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller IV will also include five never-before-heard tracks when its CD edition drops on December 3, with a double-LP package scheduled to drop the following week. Until then, the record’s tracklist can be perused below, where a preview of the music can also be found.

01. Intro (The Unknown Aquazone)
02. Depressurization
03. Water Walker
04. Mantaray
05. Unknown Journey VI
06. Unknown Journey VII
07. Unknown Journey VIII
08. Living on the Edge
09. Hydro Cubes
10. Unknown Journey IX
11. Unknown Journey X
12. Aquatic Bata Particles
13. (Unknown Interlude)
14. Black Sea
15. Sighting in the Abyss
16. The Last Transmission