Clouds will release a new album on Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe in November. 

Heavy The Eclipse is the Scottish techno duo’s second album, following 2017’s HTID: Heaven-Sent Tekno Impakting Dancefloors, Or Hardcore Till I Die, also released via Electric Deluxe. It tells the story of a dystopian Glasgow 400 years into the future—”After numerous waves of social collapse, Glasgow, a once prosperous city thriving off an industry of trade and shipbuilding, had run to waste in lawless ruin,” the label explains. We’re told to expect “ravaged and warped breakbeats haunted by wailing euphoric noise, vivid and graphic reflections of fractured post-industrial hardcore, moments of poetry flashing within a thick impending fog.”  

The Neurealm world was conceived and then carefully developed in close collaboration with graphic designer David Rudnick. It’s also accompanied by a website that tells the whole story with maps and illustrations. 

The entire album was recorded over 14 days at Speedy J’s studio in Rotterdam in 2016 and will arrive on November 23, with “Parkzicht” streaming in full via the player below. 


01. Neurealm «After The Fall» 

02. Clubber’s Guide To Wreaking Havoc 

03. Klaw Dealer, Unterverein 2522 

04. DJ MCD «Heavens Tilt Into Darkness» 

05. Dark Leviathan Krew 

06. Warped Amphetamine Flex 

07. Skulcoast 

08. Welcome To Lebanon Ark 

09. Eclipser 

10. Strong Outside «» Onslaught Ash Krew 

11. Parkzicht 

12. Nachtstorm Hardcore 

13. Dedzone «Cold Eye Krew» 

14. Skyline «Àrdkaserne To Fantazia»