CLYDE is next on Dome of Doom with his Rally Start EP, scheduled for December 18 release.

Rally Start is CLYDE’s fourth release for Dome of Doom in the last three years, but it’s a “departure from past works,” the Los Angeles label explains.

The EP serves as a moment of reflection for the Norwich, United Kingdom producer, and taps into the ’90s jungle and hardcore that “profoundly affected” his listening interests as a teenager, he says. This was an era when Luke Vibert was launching innovative work under the Amen Andrews moniker.

Thematically, the release connects with the World Rally Championship culture that CLYDE cherished. Things start off with reference to one of the most powerful rally cars ever built, 1985’s Audi Sport Quattro S1, and the voyage continues to the ending blasts of the EP closer, “Rally Start.”

In 2019, CYLDE released the JOSH EP, which jumped in head first towards the dance roots that dominated a bulk of his upbringing. Meanwhile, His 2017 debut, My Brain & Other Animals, melded the soulful universe of the Los Angeles beat scene with ’60s psychedelia, and his 2018 sophomore album, Homes, delved into the darker corridors of boom bap, riddled with ominous tones and monstrous drum work.


01. Audi S1 Quattro
02. Just Close Your Eyes
03. Our Boy Rich
04. 92′ Dereham Sunset
05. Rally Start

Rally Start EP is a digital-only release and launches December 18. Ahead of its release, you can pre-order the album here, and stream opener “Audi S1 Quattro” below.