Norwegian producer Stian Gjevik (a.k.a. CN) has shared details via Facebook of his next EP, which will be released via Berlin party turned label Sleepers Records.

An electro producer by trade, Stian Gjevik has released under a variety of aliases—EODRadio-Logg, and perhaps his best known moniker, CN. Across all of them, he has put out a handful of well-received albums on Belgian imprint WéMè Records, as well as EPs on Rephlex, Central Processing Unit and 030303.

His next EP will be via Berlin’s Sleepers. Originally a party around the City, it has recently put out new music by Todd Sines and Nubian Mindz. Little is known about the forthcoming EP yet, though snippets are promised soon.

Check out a clip from CN’s most recent album, The Derelict, below.