The hows and whys of the situation have yet to be released, but it appears official–MySpace bulletins are about as official as it gets these days–that Paris-based sister duo CocoRosie has been arrested and forced to cancel the remaining dates of its North American tour. Said bulletin was pretty straight to the point:

“dear loves
we are so sorry to announce that we cannot play the rest of the us tour dates
the band got arrested, thats all i can say
we love you all
we are playing a free show in New York on may 19th
please come if you can
we are crying
say a prayer for our band
Sierra and Bianca

If it were any other band besides CocoRosie, we’d wonder why they chose to relay this vague information as a free verse poem. You can bet the reason for their arrest is equally bizarre.

Besides the aforementioned New York show, the band is still scheduled to play its European leg of the tour later this month.