Photo | Julian Gallo

Verraco has unveiled Grial, his debut album.

Programmed between Medellín and Barcelona over the course of two years, Grial rejects the notion of a singular Latin American musical identity and paints Verraco’s own vision of South American IDM, blending perreo, jungle ambience, and mountainous brain-dance. It follows three EPs, all on Verraco’s Insurgentes label.

The album relies heavily on field recordings, from rural chants flowing down a mountain range to road bikes and gang outbreaks lighting up cityscapes. The 10 album tracks are mastered by Rashad Becker.

Launched in 2017 in Medellín, Insurgentes sits at the core of a thriving local music scene, releasing unorthodox rave, electro, and IDM from Latin American producers. Earlier this year, it released an EP from Tomás Urquieta.


A1. ●
A2. Pluriverso
A3. NRG Remains
A4. Sur — Furia
A5. Abya Yala
A6. +Decodification__
B1. Breaking Hegemonies
B2. Traición (10mente mix)
B3. E.M.R.I. | The Last Alliance
B4. Our New Order

Grial LP is scheduled for October 30 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Traición (10mente mix)” below and pre-order here.