Cómeme will release a new EP from Matias Aguayo featuring actress, DJ, and singer Ayanda Seoka (a.k.a Mujaji The Rain), resident at the legendary Bar Kitchener’s all femme “Pussy Party,” a space for “feminist/queer action and dancefloor joy” in the center of Johannesburg, South Africa. 

“Rain” is a deeply rhythmical track, inspired, we’re told, “by the grooves that converged when Cómeme crossed paths with the syncopations people in Joburg were dancing to.” On top of this modern groove is Mujaji the Rain enjoying how she gets wet under a dark and tropical sky. Included also is a “Club Mix” and a “Drums Mix”; meanwhile, on Side B is  “Serious” plus an instrumental version. 

All tracks on this are written in a 6/8 signature. 

Matias Aguayo last appeared on the label two years ago in collaboration with DJ Spoko.


A1. RAIN (Original Mix)

A2. RAIN (Club Mix)

A3. RAIN (Drums Mix)

B1. Serious

B2. Serious (Instrumental)

RAIN EP is out November 23, with “Rain” (Orginal Mix) streaming below.