Fledgling London imprint Robot Elephant has put together an interesting little compilation that it plans to release in 2012, a collection of music taken from classic Commodore 64 computer games. Called SID Chip Sounds – The Music of Commodore 64, the 19-track record features blippy 8-bit cuts from vintage titles like Arkanoid, Comic Bakery, Last Ninja, and Sanxion, all of which have been remastered for the release, and will drop on February 20. Before then, you can check out the full track list below, and stream/download one of the tunes here.

A1 Ben Daglish – Last Ninja (Wastelands)
A2 Ben Daglish – Last Ninja (Wilderness)
A3 Ben Daglish – Trap
A4 Chris Huelsbeck – Giana Sisters (Intro)
B1 Chris Huelsbeck – Katakis (Song 3)
B2 David Whittaker – Glider Rider
B3 David Whittaker – Panther
B4 Tim & Geoff Follin – Gauntlet 3 (1)
B5 Tim & Geoff Follin – Gauntlet 3 (2)
B6 Tim Follin – LEDStorm (Title)
B7 Jeroen Tel – Cybernoid 2
C1 Martin Galway – Wizball [*vinyl only]
C2 Martin Galway – Comic Bakery
C3 Martin Galway – Parallax
C4 Martin Galway – Arkanoid
D1 Matt Gray – Dominator (Song 2)
D2 Matt Gray – Last Ninja 2 (Song 2)
D3 Rob Hubbard – Commando
D4 Rob Hubbard – Sanxion