Man of many masks Conforce (a.k.a. Boris Bunnik) is set to release his first full-length record under his Versalife moniker. Called Vantage Point, the hefty, 11-track album will be out on March 4 via Clone. Although Bunnik’s LP will be released as part of Clone’s “West Coast Series,” its brand of electro-leaning tunes sound like something you would hear in an industrial Berlin warehouse rather than an LA club. You can preview each of Vantage Point‘s brute jams, as well as check out its artwork and tracklist, before the record arrives, below.

1. Subdomain
2. Sonic Signals
3. Recombinant Creations
4. Below The Horizon
5. Further Corrections
6. Normal Behavior
7. Emphasis
8. Implementation
9. Advancing Capabilities
10. Pessimism