Photo: Anna_Weisser

Vienna’s Conny Frischauf has released a new EP with Kame House Records, titled Affekt & Tradition.

The 26-minute record expands on the sonic palette of last year’s Effekt & Emotion EP, out via International Major Label. From ethereal passages of long drawn out vocals and hovering synth lines to retrofitted tunes that explore ’70s/’80s underground jazz-pop, the EP is glued together through Frischauf’s unique vocal work, colorful harmonies, and refined songwriting. 

The vinyl sides are split between 33 1/3 RPM (side A) and 45 RPM (side B). 

The European pressing is out now, with prints hitting the States on April 12. 

Order a copy of the Affekt & Tradition vinyl from Kompakt (or Forced Exposure for the States) and stream it via Bandcamp, with clips here


01. Halbzeit

02. Wie du Mir

03. Auf und Nieder

04. Kompass