Providence-based noise/techno producer Container (a.k.a. Ren Schofield) has announced that he’s next in line to issue an EP for the well-curated Liberation Technologies imprint. Schofield, who has previously released via labels like Spectrum Spools and Morphine, works with a sound based on abrasively metronomic percussion and swaths of white noise. According to its press release, his forthcoming Adhesive record is described as “uncompromising,” and is said to feature “the work of a producer working intuitively with the machines he surrounds himself with, a relentless pulse ever present at the core of these abrasive workouts.” Container’s four-track record is set for release on January 20, but before then, its tracklist and stream of opening track “Glaze” can be found below.

01 Glaze
02 Slush
03 Complex
04 Adhesive