Ren Schofield’s productions as Container are known for making an almighty squall, but his upcoming full-length for Spectrum Spools comes with a warning as his “most insane” outing to date. The Providence-based producer—who we profiled last year as part of our Bubblin’ Up series—cut his teeth in the local noise scene before moving into DIY analog techno. His debut album, LP, was released on Spectrum Spools in 2011, and in the years since he’s turned out EPs for Liberation Technologies and Morphine. His latest effort, also titled LP, is described as “architecturally dextrous and club-minded” and “the most explosive offering in the Container oeuvre, capturing the raw and unhinged essence of the live Container experience while exploring new compositional and sonic limits.” Lead track “Eject” sets the tone and can be streamed below, where the record’s complete tracklist has also been included;  LP is due out on June 8.

1. Eject
2. Remover
3. Cushion
4. Absorb
5. Peripheral
6. Appliance
7. Calibrate