It wouldn’t be fair to say that UK DJ/producer Cooly G has keptquiet since last year’s release of her debut LP, Playin Me, but there certainly hasn’t been much in the way of original material released by the artist born Merrisa Campbellā€”save for that track she produced with her mom, of course. So it’s especially good news that she’ll release a brand-new EP via the oft-reliable Hyperdub label next year. The three-track Hold Me EP is said to find Cooly G creating “extended, spaced-out, and rhythmic house tracks built for the dancefloor,” one of which features co-production from label mate DVA. It’s set to be the first 2014 release for Hyperdub when it drops on January 27, but before then, the forthcoming record’s tracklist and artwork can be found below.

1. Hold Me
2. Oi Dirty (feat. DVA)
3. Molly