Photo: Chris Carter

UK music and art icon Cosey Fanni Tutti—real name Christine Carol Newby—has just released her first solo album in over 35 years, launching Tutti across CD, LP, and digital formats with Conspiracy International

The eight pieces across Tutti were originally conceived as the soundtrack to the autobiographical film Harmonic Coumaction and were performed live in February 2017 as part of a series of events that accompanied the COUM Transmissions retrospective. Later that year, Harmonic Coumaction was presented as an audio-visual installation for Cosey Fanni Tutti’s solo exhibition at Cabinet Gallery, London. On Tutti, the music has been updated and enhanced with elements of the original tracks re-recorded and further processed specifically to create a stand-alone document. 

Tutti elaborates: “Working on the COUM Transmissions exhibition also coincided with writing my autobiography—collating archive material and re-engaging with my past. My work is a continuum, the past feeding the present and vice versa. The album is an interpretation of my past and present, of my understanding the shifting perceptions of how they inform one another. One form creating another through a metamorphic process.

The release follows 1983’s Time To Tell, Tutti’s only official solo record, and encapsulates her unique approach to experimental industrial music and the legacy she’s created. “It’s the only album I’ve made that is an all-encompassing statement expressing the totality of my being,” she says. “A sense of the past in relation to the present and everything in between. The album’s autobiographical theme is not locked into any specific time or place, the ‘voices,’ instruments, and sounds together span decades of my life, music, and art. In this context, my name TUTTI shifts from its role as a noun to perfectly represent the concept of the album, also acting as a sign for me the artist.” 

The CD and LP version of Tutti can be ordered from Cargo Records, with the digital version available here


01. Tutti

02. Drone

03. Moe

04. Sophic Ripple

05. Split

06. Heliy

07. En

08. Orenda

Tutti is available now.