Radio Slave’s Rekids imprint just stoked out Traktor and Serato users with Rekids One, a CD compilation of the label’s twelves and exclusive remixes. Featuring tracks from Toby Tobias, Discemi, Luke Soloman, and Rekid, plus reinterpretations from Quiet Village, Prins Thomas, and Jesse Rose, this collection is midnight mass in two discs.


While we’re on the topic of midnight masses, Troy Pierce is in graveyard techno mode, prepping his long-awaited, tripped-out opus Gone Astray, on Minus, in addition to a second volume of Louderbach remixes featuring Ellen Alien, Magda, and others.

Pokerflat is setting out for global domination, with just about every artist on the label’s roster embarking on their own respective massive tours. Jeff Samuel, Steve Bug, Trentemøller, and a heap of other cosmic travelers may be all up in your area.


In other tour news, once punk, post-Italo trio Chromatics is playing a few West Coast dates before releasing the “In the City” 12” for Italians Do It Better in the States and Get Physical in Europe.

The Smalltown Supersound imprint is working overtime these days, whipping up a slew of releases from drone-experimentalists Sunburned Hand of the Man and Four Tet, Kim Hiorthøy, and Arp (who also has a stellar Lindstrøm remix on the way). Evidently, Norway is on an interdimensional trek that exceeds cosmic disco.

Fucked Up

With remixes, edits, and covers becoming all the more coveted, two particular standouts sprouted recently. Crystal Castles produced a stunning remake of the lesser-known Soho Dolls’ “Trash the Rental,” which is some of the 8-bit duo’s best work to date. Toronto-based throwback hardcore band Fucked Up recently covered Christian electro posterduo Justice’s less-abused track “Stress,” which could turn out a circle pit just as fast as the original could work up a dancefloor.