There’s a troop of psych hypnotists coming to steal the throne from dance minimalists. From the quiet-yet-loaded compositions of Portland’s White Rainbow to the trippy expeditions of Turzi (Kemado) and Zombi (Relapse), each outfit’s tracks tie sleek, Euro-style club to guitar-meets-analog-synth brutality for transcendent results.


Along the same lines, forthcoming long-players are expected from Genesis P-Orridge’s Thee Majesty and Kim Hiorthøy (Smalltown Supersound), both albums influenced as much by Nitzer Ebb as Mahavishnu Orchestra, which is still a cosmic understatement.

Thee Majesty

France-based perception-bender Juan Trip can take you to the less cluttered–but decidedly maximal–world of modern psychedelia. Trip’s Consolation (Citizen) is very cinematic in sound, with shades that recall the Far East as well, but its presentation–presumably swayed by the vintage electronic music–is nearly impossible without modern digital-editing techniques.

Even London’s former Trash resident and worldly DJ Erol Alkan is on the psych train. Bloggers have been going crazy over Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve, Alkan’s prog-dance project with Richard Norris. Check the Psyche Out EP for journey time.

Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve Psyche Out Artwork

Speaking of recently hyped phenomena, this week also saw the release of New Young Pony Club’s debut full-length Fantastic Playroom, which may expand the scope of the UK-based outfit’s ultimately adolescent audience.

has also been releasing more and more groundbreaking records. Two upcoming releases of note include To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie’s The Patron, and Cloudland Canyon’s Silver Tongued Sisyphus EP. The former delves deeply into psych, but also includes a well-tempered fusion of noise and shoegaze feedback. As for Cloudland Canyon, the duo’s new two-track EP offers Klaus Schulze-style synths and experimental Krautrock–well, droning experimental Krautrock fury, that is.