As Australia’s pop forces make their way to the forefront of the once French-dominated electro-house scene, the power has made a continental shift. Modular Records, home to Cut Copy and Van She, has already worked hard to solidify its position. Now, newcomers like Cutters Records (Cut Copy’s imprint), MidnightJuggernauts, and Miami Horror have joined in the struggle. The most recent (ad mysterious) addition is Moustache, who has been blowing up blogs with a remix of Melinda Jackson’s “Magic.” While France bangs alongside hip-hop and indie, Australia grooves a bit closer to Jacques Lu Cont’s big-club, peak-time house.

Cosmo Vitelli 

Cosmo Vitelli, who made a name for himself during French Wave’s first go-around, recently reworked Radio Slave’s “Screaming Hands” into an interstellar journey. San Serac is releasing a full-length that parallels the cosmic movement of Monsieur Vitelli, with a slightly heavier focus on the early ‘80s New York disco scene. The production is brilliant, and diminished only by the unnecessary presence of vocals. However, there are four additional dub versions on the CD that allow the instrumental aspect to breathe freely. 

Kompakt never seems to slow down. Speicher 3 has barely hit the shelves, and the label’s annual Total series is back for the eighth time with Total 8. The comp features tracks by Ewan Pearson as Partial Arts, Hervé Ak, Aril Brikha, and Superpitcher and Michael Mayer as Supermayer. Speaking of Supermayer, the duo has a full-length in the works too. Supermayer Save the World sees the legends incorporating live horns, guitars, and a gong. According to Resident Advisor, the release promises to rival The Who’s Tommy. This, of course, promises to be killer. 

Ricardo Villalobos

While flipping through 12”s you might assume that a project called Social Being is either an out-dated rave anthem or a new trip-hop release, but you would be wrong. Jay Haze and Ricardo Villalobos have teamed up under the moniker, releasing “Free Your Mind,” a shockingly straightforward and heavy house release that promises to blow some speakers. Bruno Ponsato and Sammy Dee have also collaborated on a new 12”, “Mir Nichts,” under the guise of Half Hawaii.

If you have been paying attention to the happenings over at Minus and Plus 8, you should have noticed two names: JPLS and Skoozbot. The former has a profound understanding of sound dynamics, and, while there are ragers, he makes no attempt to take truly environmental pieces out of the headphones and into the club. Skoozbot finds a more accessible median point that emphasizes and borrows from contemporary minimal techno. Check out his outstanding new 12” on Plus 8, “Next to Monchhichi.”