Cosmin Nicolae, the Romanian techno artist best known as Cosmin TRG, will release a new album under his birth name later this week—titled Semnal, landing on Opal Tapes.

Over the last decade, the work of Cosmin Nicolae has been a force of forward-thinking electronic music. His TRG alias formed the inaugurate release on Hessle Audio with the Put You Down / Broken Heart 12”. His music has featured across Tempa, ~scape, 50 Weapons, Hotflush, and many others, establishing him as an important part of the story of the cross-pollination of UK “bass” music with techno.

Semnal will be his debut release under his actual name. We’re told that Opal Tapes have “provided a space for Cosmin to have free reign to display another, looser, and more experimental side of his repertoire.” It’s also the first full-length effort he’s put out since his Cosmin TRG LPs for 50 Weapons, back in 2011 and 2013.


A1. Semnal
A2. Demolare
A3. Simultan
A4. Sector Acuamarin
A5. Distors Util
A6. Autopilot Escapism
B1. Secvente
B2. Jos
B3. Vapori
B4. Iele
B5. Sulfuric
B6. Swept

Semnal will land on March 9, with “Autopilot Escapism” and “Iele” streaming in full below.