Following 2011’s notable—albeit frequently dissonant—Simulat LP, Cosmin TRG has anounced that he will soon release his second full-length album for Modeselektor’s 50Weapons label. Called Gordian (a reference to the fabled Gordian knot), the LP will find the Romanian producer exploring themes related to the age-old myth, such as “discerning between real and replicated, authentic and contrived… the necessity of ‘making it’, fear of failure, fear of ‘not being happy.'” Though Cosmin TRG’s album won’t see a release until late April, you can preview a clip of one of its tracks, as well as view the artwork and tracklist, below.

01. New Structures For Loving
02. Gordian
03. Desire Is Sovereign
04. To Touch Is To Divert
05. Defeated Hearts Club
06. Divided By Design
07. Semipresent
08. Epsilon, Epsilon
09. Noise Code

10. Vertigo [CD only]
11. Terminus Abrupt