Najaaraq Vestbirk (a.k.a Courtesy) is set to launch a new label in October, titled Kulør   

Kulør means “colourful” in Courtesy’s native tongue and the label promises a “playful output,” we’re told. It will run alongside Ectotherm, the label Vestbirk runs with Mama Snake. Focus will be on talented producers in the Copenhagen scene. 

The debut release, Kulør001, features 10 dancefloor-ready tracks from Copenhagen’s “most gifted producers,” to be released as a 3×12” triple pack for the DJs. 

All artwork will come from Spine Studio in Copenhagen. 

“Sonically there’s something wild happening in Copenhagen at the moment, and I hope this compilation can act as a point of reference for people to start digging into the magic that these guys are creating. They have given me such amazing music to work with, music that I’m honoured to get the chance to release. It’s been scary to start something on this scale solo for the first time, but also extremely exciting. 

Concerning Kulør more generally, it’s a platform where I have as high ambitions with the visual aspects as I have with the music. I’ve been lucky to work with photographer Fee-Gloria Groenemeyer in developing the artwork concept for Kulør001 and the graphic design wizards at Spine Studio in Copenhagen, who will be my visual partners in this project.”  — Courtesy


A1. Schacke “Automated Lover”

Producer: Martin Schacke 

B1. Sugar “Drowner” 

Producer: Nikolaj Jakobsen 

B2. IBON “Forest Car”

Producer: Frans Ibon 

C1. Repro “Det Går Dårligt” 

Producer: Alexander Salomonsen 

C2. Sugar “Same But Different” 

Producer: Nikolaj Jakobsen 

D1. IBON “No Sleep”

Producer: Frans Ibon 

D2. Repro “Hot Led Payoff” 

Producer: Alexander Salomonsen 

E1. Schacke “Designer Of Worlds”

Producer: Martin Schacke 

F1. Rune Bagge “This Could Be Us” 

Producer: Rune Bagge 

F2. Funeral Future “Heute Nicht” 

Producer: Adam Skov & Alexander Salomonsen 

Kulør001 will arrive on October 11 with Schacke’s “Automated Lover” streaming in full via the player below.