Photo: Kofi Johnson

Courtesy, real name Najaaraq Vestbirk, will release her second EP next month.

Violence of the Moodboard follows the Danish artist’s Night Journeys, which came out in March last year. Sonically, we’re told it continues down a path of “blissful and serene sonic melodrama.”

The title of the EP is lifted from the essay “Adam Pendleton and the Issue of Originality in the Digital Age,” written by fashion critic and curator Jeppe Ugelvig, who explores the ubiquity, and complexity, of appropriation and copyright infringement in artistic contexts, specifically within fashion.

Ahead of the release, Courtesy has released a cover of L.S.G.’s cult trance classic “Hearts,” but in Courtesy’s version it’s softened, distilled to its core in a blend of ambient and synthesizer euphoria.

The release lands on Courtesy’s own Kulør label.


01. Violence of the Moodboard
02. Hearts
03. AW23

Violence of the Moodboard EP is scheduled for April 21 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Hearts” in full below and pre-order here.