Craig Richards and Nicolas Lutz will perform in New York this Thanksgiving weekend.

The Selectors (which was launched by Taimur Agha and wife Gina Marie Agha earlier this year) is teaming up with Brooklyn nightclub House of Yes to bring the DJs to New York this weekend. Richards, a longstanding resident at London’s fabric, and Berlin-based digger Lutz will perform alongside Agha and Cry Baby. The event has been billed as standing in solidarity with the #savefabric campaign.

The event will take place at House of Yes on November 25. For more information, head to the Facebook page.

Ahead of the gig, we spoke to the fabric resident as well as Taimur Agha. First up, Craig Richards:

What are your sentiments about the recent fabric closure?
My sentiments are those of sadness, denial, anger, disbelief, heartbreak, denial, sadness, disbelief, anger. Round and round and round until the court case begins and we have a chance to overturn the ridiculous and shortsighted decision to close an institution which is nearer in fact to Tate Modern than a carelessly run drug den as the Police. We are very proud of what has been achieved for the development of modern electronic music across genre. We have belief that it will reopen. The longest Period that I haven’t played at the club is two weeks in the seventeen years of its opening.

How has the support been from the larger dance music community
Incredible, absolutely incredible SUPPORT. I finally I understand the power of social media. Not only has the love been overwhelming but the resistance is very strong. Our strength is in numbers. Everyone in the world who values the experience of listening to dance music in a night club environment is part of this story. Everyone who values nightlife, some people don’t sleep at night and like to go out and dance. These are the people who are affected by our story.

Do you get sentimental about playing in NYC? Do you especially enjoy it? Why?
New York is a wonderful city. I have been visiting since the early eighties. When I first started coming over it was edgy and run down but super exciting. We were always in Manhattan, usually downtown. I have always had friends who lived here so they usually take me wherever is good. Then that was Paradise Garage or Save the Robots, now it’s Taimur’s party. New York’s underground scene is always on the move. The same warehouse parties that were in Soho and the Meat Packing District are now in Bushwick…. Economics and creativity keep us on the move. I’m really excited about playing with Nicolas. Who is an amazing DJ and not only that he plays records….

We then also spoke to Taimur Agha:

How long have you been booking Craig to play in NYC?
I met Craig for the very first time in Denver through Crazy Larry in 2006. Larry booked us to play together at a club on Halloween weekend. Fast forward to 2007 in NYC… a group of friends collaborated in secret, bringing Craig Richards to an after-party in NYC after a show he played in April. We have kept in touch since and connect right away. That particular event… Craig was brought to the doors of Bar13, early morning after endless texts and follow ups, to provide New York with a special seven-hour after-hours set that no one expected he would do. That set was one of the most talked about that year and many mentioned that it was one of the best parties they had been to in NY for quite some time. I had been a big fan of Craig Richards since the Tyrant days. Him and Lee Burridge were crossing trippy sounds between dub, tech-house, west coast house and breakbeat all in one. No one was doing that at the time.

We share a mutual respect for one another and have become close friends. Craig at one point was our international resident at Blkmarket Membership. He’s played for me on numerous occasions since 2007.

What is it about Craig’s music programming and DJing that makes him one of your favorites?
I’ve learned a lot from him, from music and labels I’d never heard off, to finding artists who I haven’t given a chance to listen to and in learning how to become a versatile DJ. What he does at fabric with the Saturday night bookings is incredible and solid. It’s definitely had an impact in Blkmarket in terms of programming over the years.

When Craig plays, he always pulls out these records that surprise you. His track programming and selection is one of the best. He is one of the Masters.

Why is The Selectors such a personal and important event series for you to curate?
The Selector’s Series is about taking things back to the basics, focusing itself on those artists and DJs whose work forms the foundations of the scene. It’s a new project that I am working on with my wife Gina Marie Agha. More intimate events, with extended sets.