Two new tracks from E.R.P. are on the way.

Gerard Hanson (a.k.a. Convextion or E.R.P.) will be the second artist to grace Craig Richards‘ fledgling 7″ imprint, Tuppence, following on from Radioactive Man‘s Go Ahead London. It comes at the end of a year in which Hanson has already released an EP as E.R.P. on Solar One Music, plus a highly regarded album on a.r.t.less (his first in a decade) and a two-tracker on Dynamo Dreesen‘s Acido as Convextion.

Listeners can also look forward to more releases on Tuppence in the near future, by Deadbeat and Howie B.

New Road is due out December 2. Check out snippets at Above Board.


A. New Road
B. Summer Nights