DJs Craze and Klever are known pals, but they also maintain a friendly rivalry where turntable skills are concerned. Klever took the crown at the 2000 DMC USA DJ Championship, only to have Craze turn the tables a few months later at the 2000 DMC World DJ Championship and retain the title as the World DJ Champion. So there isn’t a better pair to show off Native Instruments’ new Traktor Scratch Duo software than these two.

A recent clip appeared on the company’s website, in which Craze and Klever go head-to-head, and though we’re supposed to be admiring the superior interface and top-notch sound quality of the new software, one can’t help but notice the competitive spirit resting in the eyes of the boys as they spin, scratch, and put us novice turntablists to shame.

Craze and Klever will take their friendly rivalry (and fancy new gear, presumably) on the road starting tomorrow. The duo will hit U.S. and Canadian cities, showing off its epic DJ battle in real time.

For music-tech heads and turntable lovers, Traktor Scratch Duo (MSRP: $399) is out now. An overview of the product’s features can be found here. Happy scratching.

Craze and Klever:
04/10 Dallas, TX – The Loft
04/11 Washington, DC – Rock & Roll Hotel
04/16 Chicago, IL – Debonair Social Club
04/17 Indio, CA – Coachella
04/20 Seattle, WA – The War Room
04/21 Whistler, BC – Maxx Fish
04/23 Winnipeg, MB – HiFi
04/24 San Francisco, CA – 111 Minna
04/25 Calgary, AB – HiFi

Craze and Klever Battle on Traktor Scratch Duo: