Hailing from Mexico, producer Cesar Urbina (aka Cubenx) is set to release his second album via French label InFiné Music. Having previously featured a number of downloads from Cubenx, we have come to truly appreciate his sonic adaptations as he has moved from producing dancefloor-centric techno to crafting the eclectic, dark, and orchestral sound that shines through in his newest release, Elegiacwhich is set to release on November 27. Constantly moving between Mexico, Paris, and Berlin, Urbina has embraced his life of travel wholeheartedly, adopting a nomadic mentality that has come to influence his music. His roving lifestyle is a central theme of the album, which he sums up in this statement:

“We’re not tourists, we’re travelers: tourists are those who think about going home from the moment they arrive, whereas a traveler might not come back at all.”

The album features four different vocalists who come from Mexico, Lebanon, France, and Berlin, further adding to the wanderlust vibes that Cubenx embraces in his music. While much of the music in the LP is lush and euphoric, the eclectic nature of the album features elements from a variety of genres that he has garnered from the road including UK Bass, Jungle, Trap, and a bit of field recording as well.

You can stream LP cut “Banquet,” which features french singer Pris Wayland, below and you can pre-order your copy of Elegiac on Bleep by going here.