If you were to ask them, New York’s Cubic Zirconia (fronted by former XLR8RcovergirlTiombe Lockhart) makes “ethnic disco,” but releases on the burgeoning Night Slugs label and affiliations with the likes of Ikonika and Egyptrixx might place them closer to the speaker-busting dance genres currently running UK clubs. No matter what you call the band’s slick, vintage-leaning music, one thing is for sure: Cubic Zirconia can wrangle bass, beats, and booties with the best of them. And we’ll soon get our first taste of those sounds in an LP format, courtesy of Scotland’s LuckyMe label. Come February of next year, Cubic Zirconia will drop Follow Your Heart, a 13-song offering of forward-looking dance music meshed with early R&B flavor, classic house vibes, and who knows what else, with guest appearances from Drop the Lime, Bilal, and Dâm-Funk to boot. You can check out the full tracklist for Cubic Zirconia’s forthcoming record below.

1. Yellow Spaceships Part Two
2. Darko
3. Black Hole
4. Summertime
5. Treats
6. Take me High
7. Freebase You
8. Follow your Heart
9. Cherry Nights ft Coultrane
10. Runnin In And Out Of Love feat. Drop the Lime
11. Don?t Be Scared Of My Love
12. I Got What You Need feat. Dam Funk
13. Night or Day feat. Bilal