South African producer Culoe De Song will release a new full-length this July, via his own label De Song Music.

Culolethu Zulu (a.k.a. Culoe De Song) has to date released on the likes of Innervisions, Mule Musiq and fellow countryman Black Coffee‘s Soulistic Music, championing an afro-techno hybrid sound. His next release will drop via his own De Song Music, following on from 2015’s Nguwe single. Washa is an 18 track work shaped by the sounds of his home nation, on which he provides most of the vocals too—singing, chanting and speaking.

De Song explains that the album is a story of overcoming fear: “Growing up, self-doubt has been my biggest enemy, but I seemed to achieve so many things when I address the will to do them. Like in the story, the Guzu Empire was saved through the powers of music and the energy generated through the act of rejoice. It’s the same for me, music has been my biggest saviour and I’ve fought my own enemies to the end with this great weapon.”

Washa will hit stores on July 8. Pre-order it at iTunes. De Song has shared one of the cuts from the album, “Zimele,” which you can stream below.