Cut & Paste Digital Design Tournament is an annual chance for designers to compete and converse about the creative process, and the multi-city tournament is once again accepting entries for this year’s contest. Eight designers will go head-to-head, while projectors stream their live designs across the venue, and be judged by an elected panel and an internet audience. Themes are provided in advance, and participants will have 15 minutes to craft their masterpieces from scratch.

Don’t sweat it if you don’t live near the event hub in New York City. Cut & Paste is functioning on a global scale, from Portland to San Francisco, Berlin to Tokyo.

Entries must be submitted online by Tuesday, July 17. Get to it.

Tournament Dates
09/08 Boston
09/15 New York
09/21 Portland
09/29 San Francisco
10/06 Chicago
10/13 Los Angeles
10/20 London
10/27 Berlin
11/03 Tokyo
11/10 Hong Kong
11/17 Sydney