The members of CYNE don’t just remix indie rock. The hip-hop collective comprised of MCs Akin and Cise and producers Spech and Enoch have their own collection of politically charged hip-hop cuts, which they’ve packaged up and will release as a full album on Hometapes come October 7.

The product of seven years and several thousand geographical miles between the members, Pretty Dark Things follows three years after the group’s longplayer Evolution Fight, and doesn’t stick strictly to hip-hop; group members site everything from prog rock to metal as musical influences, and they love their live instrumentation too.

Pretty Dark Things
01 Just Say No
02 The Runaway
03 Calor
04 Escape
05 Money Parade
06 Pretty Black Future
07 Elephant Rome
08 The Dance
09 Opera
10 Prototypes
11 Fuzzy Logic
12 Never Forget Pluto
13 Pianos on Fire
14 Radiant Cool Boy
15 Excite Me
16 Scattered