D. Carbone and Noneoftheabove will release a collaborative album as Executioners through Carbone Records.

Decapitation LP “9 Takes for Beheading” is the pair’s first collaborative album. They recorded it over two days’ of “intense and insane” sessions after both playing the closing of By The Creek festival in Holland last year. We’re told to expect nine takes of “experimental industrial hard techno for your beheading.”

Noneoftheabove is the work of Yoeri Van Eijk and Nigel Wildeboer, recognised for their work on TheAbove Records. This is the first time they’ve worked with Davide Carbone, the owner Cosmo Rhythmatic and Carbone Records, a platform for his own productions and collaborative projects.


01. Take 1
02. Take 2
03. Take 3
04. Take 4
05. Take 5
06. Take 6
07. Take 7
08. Take 8
09. Take 9

Decapitation LP “9 Takes for Beheading” is out digitally on June 6. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here now and stream clips below.

Closing at By The Creek Festival, 2019.