D. Carbone is back on his own Carbone Records with Back To The Empire of Hardcore.

The EP, out next year, is the latest in a series of releases following 2016’s Ravers that sees Carbone trying to push the movement even further. “It’s in modern key because the new hardcore wave is really slow compared to ’90s hardcore but it still sound the same way,” he explains.

The EP features two remixes from VTSS and 14Anger. Since that mini-album, Carbone has put out music on Repitch Recordings and Cosmo Rhythmatic, both of which he co-owns.

The digital version of the EP comes with a bonus track, “The Rhythm of Acid Core,” described as a hypnotic acid banger.

Carbone is a techno producer born in Naples, Italy in 1987, and is dedicated to “extolling acid and rave culture.” His most known solo projects are D. Carbone and Honzo, and he has collaborations with the likes of Ascion, AnD, Gaja, Shapednoise, Noneoftheabove, and CJ Bolland.


01. Back To The Empire of Hardcore
02. Back To The Empire of Hardcore (VTSS Remix)
03. Back To The Empire of Hardcore (14Anger Remix)
04. Raver Killer
05. The Rhythm of Acid Core (Digital Bonus)

Back To The Empire of Hardcore is out on January 24, with clips below and pre-order here.