LA boogie maestro D?m-Funk hasn’t issued a proper studio album since 2009’s massive Toeachizown double-LP, and while a new solo record still has yet to be announced, word of a collaborative full-length with veteran funk singer Steve Arrington has surfaced. Years in the making, the 14-track Higher is set to appear on August 6 via Stones Throw, and finds the former Slave frontman contributing his classic vocal and lyrical styles to D?m-Funk’s soulful, hardware-specific production work. Two of the duo’s new tunes have been floating around the internet for sometime now, and can be heard below, where the tracklist and artwork for Higher can also be found.

1. I Be Goin Hard

2. Tap That
3. Magnificent
4. Good Feeling
5. I Be Trippin’

6. I Love This Music
7. Higher
8. Do You Feel Me
9. The Way I Feel About You
10. Blow Your Mind
11. Hear Me Knockin’
12. Galactic Functionals
13. For The Homies (PB Wolf Edit)
14. Crazy In Here! (CD & Digital bonus)