Dadub will return in September with a new 12″ via the label arm of Tbilisi’s Bassiani club. 

Dadub is a project formed by Daniele Antezza and Marco Donnarumma. Much of their material has landed on Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefacts, including 2013’s debut album You Are Eternity. Now, after some years of silence and “countless hours experimenting with new dub techniques inspired by obscure science fiction material and the physical force of low frequencies,” they say, the duo will return. It will be their first full release in five years and the first solo artist record for Bassiani’s label following a series of five compilation EPs. 

It features two original tracks and a remix by Bassiani resident Zesknel. 

In the past five years, we have been silent, and we have been progressing. Dadub is back for good, and we humbly offer this solo release as an ode to the worldwide ‘Rituals of Resistance happening right now. Thanks Bassiani, we couldn’t have a better home.—Dadub

“Rituals of Resistance” makes use of tribal drums, ghostly echoing samples taken from the collective consciousness. Emotive techno in its dubbiest prime evokes scenes of territories uncharted by global repression. Dadub present their very own vision of techno politics. Not shy to tap into a glitch, familiar sounds emerge from a well-orchestrated chaos. An acutely bass driven sense for rhythm combines with the inevitable esoteric beauty of hand-crafted Italian techno. This is the soundtrack for all those who yearn for an inner revolution.”— Bassiani


A1. Rituals BAS006

A2. Rituals (Zesknel Remix) 

B. Resistance 

Rituals Of Resistance EP will arrive on September 27, with clips below.