Daniele Antezza is best known for his work as one part of experimental techno duo, Dadub, and as co-founder of the Artefacts Mastering Studio, who master most of the Stroboscopic Artefacts releases, among many others. Antezza will now be releasing his an LP from his Inner8 moniker, which, up until now had been a private nickname for his “experimental anarchist sounds”. The 12 track album will come out via the newly formed Undogmatisch label, which Antezza runs alongside long-time collaborators Mirco Magnani (aka T.C.O) & Valentina Bardazzi.

The new album, as expected, is a journey into the nether regions of sound and experimentalism and one with both esoteric and exoteric qualities. You can listen to one of the cuts, “The Irony Of Karma (Part 2),” below.