Daedelus (a.k.a. Alfred Darlington) has created a new sample and delay instrument called the Delaydelus, manufactured by Austin, TX based technology group, Bleep Labs.

The limited edition product has been strictly available by pre-order for the last month, and purchases for the one-of-a-kind unit will close on July 2. Once pre-orders are finalized, the instrument will no longer be available for direct purchase. The Delaydelus comes fully built and ready to make noise. Only a 9v battery is required.

“I’ve always aspired to invention, my artist namesake means as much,” says Daedelus when speaking with XLR8R about his new hardware project. “With the Delaydelus I’ve a chance to breakaway from the usual album releasing cycle and instead try to empower other creatives to apprehend, make, and manipulate.”

The original idea was created by Darlington, and the code and hardware design was created by John-Mike Reed (a.k.a. Dr. Bleep). Trek Matthews contributed the device’s artwork and Bleep Labs will be doing final assembly and fulfillment in their Austin workshop. After the pre-orders are closed, Bleep Labs will produce the devices and get them ready for shipping in about 5-7 weeks.

The interface was created by taking a small, pedal sized box and incorporating joystick buttons, a patch bay, and three knobs to create a powerful sampler and delay processor. The device was designed using the Teensy 3.1 and can be programmed using the Arduino IDE. The device has 8 permanent banks and 8 user ones. When you record to a “pin”, the default sample is not overwritten and can be switched back to it’s original sample. All samples are retained when power is turned off.

The unit includes

– Eight samples designed by Daedelus
– Over a minute of total sample memory
– Beautifully crunchy 12bit, 30kHz audio
– One second delay
– Combine four samples at a time with the unique patch bay
– Through mode to use the delay with an external source
– Sample audio or use it to trigger or modulate
– Optional USB adapter allows you you control the device with MIDI as well as reprogram it

Check out the Bleep Labs website and pre-order the Delaydelus by clicking here and watch the following videos to become more familiar with how the Delaydelus works.

You can also check out Daedelus in the month of July at the following tour dates:

7.2 – Manila – Black Market
7.3 – Seoul – Cakeshop
7.4 – Ho Chi Minh City – The Observatory
7.7 – Beijing – Dada
7.9 – New Delhi – Antisocial
7.10 – Mumbai – Bonobo
7.11 – Bangalore – Humming Tree
7.19 – Tokyo – Sound Vision Museum
7.20 – Osaka – Creative Center
7.24 – Austin – Empire Automotive
7.31 – Honolulu – Swap Meet