Daedelus has signed the European-based group YAYAYA to his label Magical Properties, and their self-titled debut will land on February 23.

The music found on Daedelus’ imprint Magical Properties has ridden high through this era, breaking down the sonic walls of normality and previously charted territory. Each release on the label draws together colour schemes from the outer regions of the dance world, extending Daedelus’ legacy while introducing new talent along the way. YAYAYA of Holland is the newest group to join forces with Magical Properties, scheduled to launch the self-titled full length on February 23, 2018. A vinyl version of YAYAYA will take form in the months to follow.

We’re told that “what separates YAYAYA from many other electronic albums is its morphing state of forms and how that alteration paces from track to track.”

After the group sent Daedelus a cache of demos last year, they all met up in the London to discuss a potential bridge for releasing their music. Kinship formed shortly after, planting the seeds for this year’s YAYAYA LP and many more albums to follow. As the group describe, “We met Daedelus on his Europe tour in London. While he was out here, we visited an exhibition together that displayed the history of recording sound. This is where we felt a genuine click with Daedelus and realized it was all coming together for us.”


01.Lead Me
02. ’91
03. Everything
04. Jerez
05. Move Your Body
06. Lehanga
07. AKT
08. I Go Up
09. Duckhunt
10. Oisac 38
11. Se Ke Gi
12. Highway

Ahead of the album’s February 23 release, you can stream album cut “Se Ke Gi” in full via the player below.