Producer, inventor, and lover of conceptual music and Victorian attire, Daedelus has once again emerged from the studio with a playful, genre-defying album. Love To Make Music To, set for release on July 15, marks his first full collaboration with Ninja Tune, though he’s had several albums and singles on the label in the past (not to mention ones on Mush, Alpha Pup, Plug Research, Hefty, and a bunch of other imprints).

The new album apparently follows the adventures of one Alfred Darlington at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago, where he is accidentally locked in a morgue and later reemerges as Daedelus and commissioned to build strange electronic instruments. How this tale will play out from track to track on the album remains to be seen, but with Om’mas Keith and Taz of Sa-Ra, Paper Boy, Erika Rose, Laura Darling, and others filling in the guest spots, it should be quite the meeting of creative minds.

The album’s single, “Make it So,” recently got a little reworking and was released online. Click here to download the track.

1. Fair Weather Friends
2. Make It So featuring Michael Johnson
3. Twist The Kids featuring N’fa
4. Get Off Your HiHats
5. Hrs:Mins:Secs
6. Touchtone featuring Paperboy and Taz
7. I Car(ry) Us
8. I Took two
9. My Beau featuring Erika Rose and Paperboy
10. You’re The One featuring Om’mas Keith
11. Assembly Lines
12. Drummery Jam
13. Only For The Heartstrings
14. Bass In It featuring Taz
15. If We Should featuring Laura Darlington