If you’ve yet to visit Low End Theory, the L.A.-based weekly soundclash that mashes psychedelic, glitch, avant-rap, and IDM artists together, Daedelus‘ forthcoming album will serve as a good indicator of what you’re missing. Live at Low End Theory was recorded in July of 2007, with the whimsical producer and his trusty monome MIDI device dropping a carefully picked selection of glitch-happy, dancefloor-friendly tracks from his many albums. The tracks on Live at Low End Theory–mixed and mastered by club resident Daddy Kev–serve as a primer on both the weekly event and the last few years of Daedelus’ work. The album drops January 22 on Alpha Pup.

Forthcoming Low End Theory guests include New Zealand-based drum & bass duo The Upbeats and Violence Recordings’ Hive and Gridlock on January 9, another appearance by Daedelus on January 16, and Roc Raida on January 23.

Live at Low End Theory Tracklisting
1. Put A Spell
2. Cast A Wish
3. Press Snooze
4. Samba Grandly
5. Ready The End
6. Disco, Disco, Disco
7. Play It Again
8. Now’s The Time
9. Say Yes
10. Arouse Suspicion
11. Break Some Hearts
12. Get The Door
13. Rest In Peace
14. Shake Vigorously
15. Hope For The Best

Daedelus Tour Dates
01/16: Los Angeles, CA: Low End Theory
01/23 Riverside, CA: UC Riverside
01/25 Montreal, QC: Igloo Festival
01/27 Los Angeles, CA: Amoeba Music
03/06 Lille, FRA: Tri Postal
03/07 Lyon, FRA: La Marquise
03/08 Paris, FRA: La Maroquinerie

Photo by B+.