Last week, Daedelus surprise-released What Wands Remixes, a remix package of his most recent album, What Wands Won’t Break, released via Dome of Doom back in May.

What Wands Remixes features 12 interpretations selected from the 23 original cuts by a cast of Dome of Doom artists and a handful of musicians in Daedelus’ musical orbit.

Featured artists include, among others, recent Dome of Doom signee QRTR, Boston native Rah Zen, UK producer CLYDE, Dome of Doom founder, Wylie Cable, LA beat scene veteran Elusive, and Alpha Pup Records’ Lapsung. Daedelus has also pulled from his new position as Assistant Professor at Berklee College of Music, inviting current student Ximena Rivas and recent Berklee graduate Ray Polk to contribute reworks.

In directing the package, Daedelus asked the artists to build their interpretations from the original WAV files rather than sending through bounced stems, much like bootleg styles and the chop-up techniques of hip-hop sample flipping. This process has resulted in a collection of reworks that retain a strong sense of the original while pushing the personal characteristics of each of the featured artists.

What Wand Remixes is available exclusively via Dome of Doom’s Bandcamp page until September 18, when it will be released across all streaming platforms. You can check out a stream of the album below, along with its tracklisting.


01. Fettle (QRTR Remix)
02. Clairaudience (DMVU Remix)
03. Yew and Me (Lapsung Remix)
04. Narwhale (Glia Remix)
05. Yew and Me (Rah Zen I Luv Yew Remix)
06. Unyielding (Won Pound Yielding Remix)
07. Chimera (CLYDE Remix)
08. Glint (Wylie Cable VIP)
09. Drubbing (Ximena Rivas Dribbling Remix)
10. Phoenix Down (Norfik VIP)
11. Yew and Me (Ray Polk Yewme Remix)
12. Cauldron (Elusive Remix)