Daedelus has shared “Minotaur,” a new single taken from him forthcoming Labyrinths LP. The track features Los Angeles rapper Zeroh

Daedelus, of course, is the alias of artist Alfred Darlington, the influential Los Angeles producer and cornerstone of the electronic and beat music scenes both locally and internationally. Over the last 15 years, he has released a number of full-lengths, EPs and remixes on labels like Ninja Tune, Anticon, and most recently Brainfeeder, namely the collaborative Kneebody Kneedelus release last year.

On October 28, Daedelus will release his latest full-length, Labyrinths, on his own label, Magical Properties, marking the first time he has released an LP on his imprint. The album features guest appearances from Seven Davis Jr, Vōx, the Voidz Amir Yaghmai, Zeroh, Busdriver, and wife Laura Darlington. Guest musicians include Teebs, Goodnight Cody, and the Voidz drummer Alex Carapetis.


01. Aries (feat. Bass Sekolah + Teebs)
02. Tussle (feat. Seven Davis Jr)
03. Special RE: Quest
04. Labyrinths
05. Setting Out (feat. Amir Yaghmai)
06. Minotaur (feat. Zeroh)
07. In Your Hands (feat. Busdriver + Mousey McGlynn)
08. Keeps Fires Burning (feat. Vōx)
09. A Maze Amazing
10. Crime Of Passion (feat. Laura Darlington)
11. War Drums
12. Hold Sway

In advance of the LP’s October 28 release, “Minotaur” can be streamed in full below.