Marit Posch may be working under a new alias (Damero), but this lady is hardly new blood in the BPitch family, and she is certainly no stranger to the label’s sound. After a chance listening of Posch’s homemade tracks, BPitch founder Ellen Allien realized the artistic potential of her promotional director and Happy in Grey was born.

Posch’s classical training is apparent in the vocals on Happy in Grey, as is the case with the album’s instrumentation itself. The record thrives on understated bliptronics while never allowing artistic ego to overshadow any given piece. As the label puts it, this is “armchair dance music,” but it never meanders so far as to lose focus. Henri Hagenow produced the album, which features collaborations with Apparat, AGF, Nevis Peak, and Headkit.

Happy in Grey is out February 26, 2007 on BPitch Control.

1. Mope
2. Right Wrong
3. Passage to Silence feat. Apparat
4. 1-1+1-1-…=1/2 feat. AGF
5. Okay Okay
6. Neck Warmth
7. Gestern Morgen feat. Nevis Peak
8. Capricorn Saltlick feat. Zander VT
9. Sweet Thunderheads
10. Things Gone feat. Headkit
11. I Made a Home

Cameron Octigan