London’s Keysound imprint has announced that it will soon release the debut album by the Bubblin’ Manchester-based producer known as Damu. Following the 12″ he dropped earlier this year via Local Action and the recent Ridin’ EP on Keysound, the forward-thinking bass aficionado will share Unity (pictured above), a 12-track LP “with touches of Air France’s beach-pop, the gloss of major label R’n’B, and subtle nods to the demented psychedelic visions of Wiley and Aphex Twin.” You can listen to a track from Damu’s forthcoming debut, as well as check out the full tracklist, below.

1. Unity
2. Breathless

3. L.O.V.E.
4. After Indigo
5. Weapon #3
6. Maths Is Fine For Sum
7. Cheat When U Compete
8. Ridin The Hype (Feat Trim)
9. Waterfall Of Light
10. Plasm
11. Ether
12. Don’t Cry In My Bed

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