Baltimore’s going on tour–round robin style. Dan Deacon has gathered artists from Floristree, Wham City, Tarantula Hill, The Bank, Comfort Dome, and other crews in the Baltimore music scene for the Baltimore Round Robin Tour, which kicks off in October.

The multi-city event will feature nightly shows in which bands sit in a circle on the periphery of the performance space and play back-to-back songs around the room, no breaks in between. The audience, meanwhile, will view the show from the center of the room.

Each stop on the tour will be divided into two nights. The first, Eyes Night, will feature folk, noise, and improvisational music, while the second, Feet Night, will, as its name suggests, will consist of music one moves to, be it dancing or thrashing. Finally, the “Weird Round” will feature additional artists slotted into the bill for both nights in each city.

Without further ado, the lineup:

Eyes Night
Beach House
Ed Schrader
Jana Hunter
Lesser Gozalez Alvarez
Lexie Mountain Boys
Nautical Almanac
Santa Dads
Teeth Mountain
WZT Hearts

Feet Night
Blood Baby
Dan Deacon
The Deathset
DJ Dog Dick
Double Dagger
Future Islands
Lizz King
Nuclear Power Plants
Video Hippos

Weird Room
Boo Boos
Cornelious and Pitfa
Funny Clown
Mark Brown
Ram Ones
Show Beast
Sports Ghosts

10/02 Boston, MA: Mass Arts*
10/03 Boston, MA: Mass Arts#
10/04 Montreal, QC: Église Saint-Enfant Jésus @ Pop Montreal*
10/05 Montreal, QC: Église Saint-Enfant Jésus @ Pop Montreal#
10/08 Detroit, MI: Museum of Contemporary Art*
10/09 Detroit, MI: Museum of Contemporary Art#
10/10 Chicago, IL: Epiphany*
10/11 Chicago, IL: Epiphany#
10/13 Oberlin, OH: Oberlin College*
10/14 Oberlin, OH: Oberlin College#
10/15 Philadelphia, PA: Starlight Ballroom*
10/16 Philadelphia, PA: Starlight Ballroom#
10/17 New York, NY: Le Poisson Rouge*
10/18 New York, NY: Le Poisson Rouge#

* = Eyes Night
# = Feet Night