A former member of the Studio production outfit, Dan Lissvik has signed to Norwegian label Smalltown Supersound for a string of releases which will begin next month with the Shuvit! 12″.

Said to be the first of an ongoing 12″ series which will culminate with the release of a solo LP from Lissvik in late 2015, the three-track Shuvit! effort appears to find the Swedish producer crafting somewhat oddball disco hybrids where the line between programmed audio and live instrumentation is pleasantly blurred. “Airwalk” serves as our first example of such, a seven-plus-minute voyage into spacey, understated funk which presents an array of bright and airy melodies across its elongated run. The track can be streamed in full below before Lissvik’s Shuvit! 12″ officially lands on February 10.

1. Intro
2. Airwalk
3. Shuvit!